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What is "Troy's Big Break"?

You may or may not have heard about this new show called "Troy's Big Break"? W...

Glamorous Starkey Gala celebrates Thirty Years Anniversary

Looks like the Coda Brothers are having just a little too much fun. Guess with who? Yup, Sean B...

FCC Requires Closed Captioning of Online Video Clips

Andrew Philips, from NAD, explains what new rule means when FCC is now requiring Closed Caption...

10 Famous Books that Have Deaf Characters You Didn't Know

10 Famous Books that Have Deaf Characters You Didn't Know written by: alexis712 Liter...

Virginity: What's Your Sign?

Published on Jul 19, 2014 ByBy asks ASL Community a question about virginity!

Deaf Golf Championships tee off at Grand Traverse Resort This Weekend

Learn more about Daryn Taylor and his quest World Deaf Golf Championships!  In a one of a kin...

Lack of interpreters for Deaf Councilwoman, Marisa Salzer, has decided to file compliant.

Is the city of Montesano, Washington doing enough to help City Council member, Marisa Salzer, ...

10 Facts About BK Cannon You Didn’t Know

10 Facts About BK Cannon You Didn’t Know written by: samonsim 10 Facts About BK Cannon You D...

10 Facts about Ryan Lane You Didn't Know

10 Facts about Ryan Lane You Didn't Know written by: Braby2014 With his trademark good l...

Bill Cosby will be at the 2014 Brick City Homecoming!

RIT/NTID has announced that Bill Cosby will be back to entertain the crowd at the 2014 Brick City H...

What is the ASL Community?

A great question. What is the ASL Community? From Awti perspective, we are to learn that there ...

The Walking Deaf (FULL VERSION)

Sponsored by ZVRS. On July 3, 2014, ZVRS posted a video called The Walking Deaf. This is a short...

Deaf Women United are now accepting call for papers and workshop proposals!

Post by Deaf Women United .

Follow up: 2nd Town Hall meeting in San Leandro, CA

Post by Deaf Counseling Advocacy & Referral Agency DCARA .

Emerging from Silence: A Perspective from Cambodia society.

On July 6th, the Deaf Development Programme Cambodia posted a video on called Emer...

New law in Michigan requires sign language interpreter levels of qualifications for specific jobs.

The State of Michigan has taken qualification of an sign language interpreter to a whole new level...

Changing Deaf Education [subtitled] by Oxford University Press

Published on Jul 7, 2014 Marc Marschark, Editor of the Journal of Deaf Studies and Deaf Education,...


What are your thoughts? Do you agree or disagree? Feel free to comment below or on YouTube! 

Fantastico hires deaf teenagers to lip-read Brazilian football players conversations.

In an article three days ago, the BBC reported that " Brazil players cover mouths to bloc...

Young Achievers needs your help!

Young Achievers want to give two Indian Deaf children and their Deaf teacher the chance to attend ...

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